Wednesday, 13 March 2013

AEON Interiors Logo

 AEON Interiors Logo

Hi all,

So we get a lot of questions asking what made us decide on our duck logo! I wish we could give you a straight answer, we are well aware that a duck doesn’t represent Interior Design! Have we gone crazy? Did the cold get to us??!!!!

We are young, we are fun loving ladies and we gave our logo designer a brief where we needed something that represented us as well as our company. What was important to us was to create a brand.

Our designer sent us the usual suspects related to interior design, but after a few emails back and fore I think he started to get a grasp of our personalities!

He sent us the duck….. well, that was a shock! We both went into panic mode: Aly said “we don’t sell bathroom accessories”, Erica said “are my eyes deceiving me?”, but then this little pink duck started to be come cute, we fell in love with this cute little pink duck and she took on a persona… Well she had to have a Welsh name as we are both Welsh ladies, so of course she was christened “Delilah” duck!

“Delilah” will be our mascot, she will come with us places and she will have a lovely little duck life….

Delilah was pride of place on our stall at the student Vintage Fair in Missoula on the 3rd March. She sat happily on the furniture and she enticed customers in. However disaster almost struck. She was being manhandled by 5 male students, who had their beady eyes on her. Erica overheard their talk…. “She will look nice in our bathroom”…. “She is a nice pick duck”…”Do you think anyone will notice if……..” “STOP right there boys”  Erica said. “If our mascot goes walkabout, you lot will be in BIG trouble”. They laughed but could tell by Erica’s eyes she was serious!!!!

Erica rescued her and she was safely stashed away till the end of the fair.

Who would have known that we would fall in love with this cute pink duck so quickly, but we have… so watch out for Delilah, she will be appearing around Cardiff soon and we will be taking photos but if you do see her, keep your mitts off!!!!!!

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